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3 Tips to Silky Smooth Hands this Season

Jan 5, 2018 3:00:00 PM


If you've never experienced cracked hands before, consider yourself lucky. From dry, itchy skin to peeling cuticles, there's nothing worse than chapped skin during the cold winter months. Here, we rounded up our favourite tips to keep your hands silky smooth all season long! 

Go Heavy on the Cream
A good hand cream is a must year-round, but try opting for a thicker formula in colder weather. Our Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm is comprised of 20% pure shea butter that sinks in fast and leaves a velvety smooth finish. Totally-to-die-for! 


Exfoliate Weekly
Exfoliation is key to revealing soft, smooth skin, but many seem to overlook the importance of treating your hands. Give yourself a mini spa by working a gentle scrub into your hands in the shower then moisturizing immediately. Try our Heavy Cream Buttery Sugar Body Balm Scrub for equal parts of exfoliation and nourishment!


After moisturizing, it's important to protect your skin from icy winds by covering up. Invest in a good pair of mittens to keep your hands toasty all winter long. We love this cozy pair from Tuck Shop - they're lined with fleece for extra warmth. It's time to kiss cracked hands goodbye! 


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