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5 Things To Do When It’s Too Cold Outside

Jan 3, 2018 12:00:00 PM


The holidays may be over, but it seems like winter has just begun! If you’re anywhere near the East coast, we’re sure you’re feeling it too. Although it may be too cold for a night out with friends, take this opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved “me”-time. Keep reading to see 5 things to do alone to recharge and relax!

Spa Night

What’s better than a DIY spa session on a cold winter night? Take the time to exfoliate thoroughly from head-to-toe and relax with a good soak in the tub. Once you’ve bathed to your heart’s content, make sure to moisturize immediately to seal in the softness.

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Light up a candle and pick up that old book you meant to finish in 2017. “Not enough time” is no excuse when you’re snowed in!


Start a Show

If you’re not the bookworm-type, now’s the perfect time to start binge-watching a new show on Netflix. A few of our favourites: This Is Us, Stranger Things, Master of None



Try your hand with a new recipe and share with loved ones when the weather clears up! Trust us, they will love you.



Writing your thoughts down is a great way to reflect and start the new year off fresh! Come up with a plan to reach your goals and set yourself up for a successful 2018.

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