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Feb 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM


A heartfelt hello to you: our friends, followers and supporters

Building Cake from the little company in a kitchen to the brand it is today has been the ride of a lifetime.  Over the past 15 years, you - our friends, followers and supporters - have been a meaningful inspiration.  Everyday, in some way or another, you inspire me to think beyond the pink, stay real and innovate with products that are naturally driven, cruelty free and vegan.  (you’re amazing!)

As many of you know, Cake’s story began in a kitchen with a friend in Kitchener, Ontario. We set out to shake up the beauty world by pairing naturally driven formulas with a stylish, delicious brand. Inspired by farmer’s market ingredients and totally-to-die-for textures - we were grass roots and tiny, barely a business - but this is where Cake was born and this is where the first cherished fans and supporters grabbed a hold of my heart.

Through the years, as the company grew and made significant strides in the beauty business – all of you came right along with us.  So, it is with great excitement that I share this news with you today.

Cake Beauty has partnered with fellow Canadian company, Marc Anthony Cosmetics Ltd. Marc Anthony is an incredible company and one of the fastest growing hair care brands in the world and partnering with them really highlights the power of Canadian brands in global beauty. Together we’re going to build on what Cake has already accomplished and expand the brand to even greater heights. Marc Anthony’s global footprint will give Cake access to expanded distribution and provide you, our customers, with even more of Cake while still maintaining the spirit of the brand you have grown to love.  I have found like-minded partners in Marc and his team and I am beyond excited to be joining their family.

The Cake brand runs through my veins. I will be staying with Cake and will continue to innovate new products, build the business and expand our portfolio. The recipe that makes our Cake so special - our sassy brand and our naturally driven, vegan and cruelty free formulas - will remain firmly the brand's foundation.

Thank you for letting me share this message with you.  I am excited about the future and I look forward to our continued, lasting relationship.


Heather Reier












(Heather Reier, Founder, Cake Beauty Inc. and Marc Anthony, Founder & CEO, Marc Anthony Cosmetics Ltd.)


Click here to read more details and see the official press release.