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The Inside Scoop with Heather – The Wave Maker

Jul 20, 2018 1:31:11 PM


Making waves (no pun intended), the wave maker is the industry go to for a styling companion that you simply cannot go without! Made with love, sugar-and a pinch of salt, this totally dreamy product creates touchable, soft waves that not only brush out day after day but smells like sweet tangerines on a warm summer night… completely luxurious and completely CAKE. Founder Heather Reier talks about the idea behind a sugar spray and why this product is a MUST HAVE for the summer.

Q1: Who would have thought the sweet touch of sugar could create beach waves for days… what was the thought behind using sugar and not salt in this revolutionary new beach spray?

It was really important to me to create something that not only smelled as sweet as it styled, but was less traditional in formulation than what’s currently on the market. Sugar is simply one of those ingredients that could provide the lush beachy waves I craved without the drying effects of salt, while adding just enough hold to take my style from day to night. This beach spray provided life to my 2nd day hair.  I also mixed in aloe that helps smooth frizz and some orange peel oil for sophisticated shine.


Q2: Traditionally, most beach sprays dehydrate the hair causing frizz and stick that rarely lasts a day- what makes the Wave Maker so special?

The use of sugar- with only a touch of salt provides a game changing experience. Sugar is a natural humectant, also giving texture and softness without the crunch while providing less frizz and more wave. Orange peel oil enhances the sheen (and provides a delectable scent). When developing this product, I found that too much salt, often dehydrated the hair, drawing out much needed moisture~ leaving the hair dull and frizzy.

Another reason to love the Wave Maker is its brushability- when the day is done, it’s a breeze to brush it out of your hair. All that’s left is the shine and softness without the stickiness and flake.


Q3: My hair is slightly more coarse than most and I often have trouble styling it- the Wave Maker worked wonders! What is your favourite way to use this oh so sweet spray? 

The looks are absolutely endless. Spray on wet hair for true beach waves or on dry hair for texture and shine. It’s also a companion to your ponytail, acting as a light hold spray to control flyaways. The styles are endless- not to mention, our Wave Spray works on all hair types. It’s all in how much you spray and how you spray it. On hair that is coarse or curly it adds hydration, while hair that is fragile gets a non-crunchy finish that is gentle on your tired tresses. It gives natural texture to shorter hair and a natural tousle to longer layers. Everyone gets what they want…what’s better than that!


Q4: So tell us- what is your favorite thing about the Wave Maker?

When you know your hair, life becomes simpler. A busy life leaves little time to fuss with hair, so I like to wear my hair easy; working with the natural texture verses blow dryers and hot tools. In part because days tend to fill up quickly and in part because I love the natural ease hair has when it has a “woke up like this” energy to it.  Wave Maker leans into this philosophy; simple ingredients with amazing results that allow me to look natural with a sense of style that reflects who I am- it’s also 100% vegan and cruelty free, which has always been close to my heart.


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